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Our offices
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1401 N 34th St
Waco, TX
9AM - 3PM, Mon to Fri
[email protected]
(254) 722-9517
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Amanda Peterson
[email protected]
01 (650) 658 6823
Jason Smith
[email protected]
01 (650) 658 6824
Michael Fassbender
Design Director
[email protected]
01 (650) 658 6825
About Us

Get Involved

You are invited to just show up at the pantry or you can call ahead (254-722-9517).
Shepherd's Heart is staffed with volunteers, individuals, and groups that wish to make a difference in the lives of others.
We have changed our distribution model from 4 distributions per month at the pantry to 16 mobile distributions.

We receive food donations daily that need to be processed to support our food distributions. Last year we received 1.4 million lbs. of food from our community that we need to check and prepare for our mobile distributions and or prepare for delivery to the 750 homebound seniors to whom we deliver groceries twice each month.

the need

We always need drivers that can deliver groceries (locally) to seniors. Spearhead a food collection drive at your work or church.  Each week we serve 500 to 600 families, over 30,000 lbs. of food.  Food drives can be fun and very effective.

Volunteering at the pantry is about touching people's lives and feeding hungry families so that we find ways to connect with them and educate them out of poverty and the "poverty mindset".  Another very effective way to help is to donate money.  With our buying power, we can out produce any and every food drive. $50 feeds a family for a Month.

Support Our Work

$50 a month gives hope to a family. Together we help families get past their crisis and back on their feet.

Join the Team

Together we reclaim hope lost by unexpected events and give it back to families. The value of volunteering far exceeds the time spent.


Spread Our Mission

Hope given multiplies. As we share, together we lift the outlook of an entire community.